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 12th October, Sunday Stock Picks

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PostSubject: 12th October, Sunday Stock Picks   Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:55 pm

The current market trend is bearish and most of the stocks have not shown any bull strength except a few minority.

Trading plan for next week as follows:

1. UNVR, currently resting on the 20ma level. Close at 7150 on Friday. BUY entry point 7,300 or 2 bids higher. Stop loss at 7050 (ma50) or 6750 (ma200)

2. MIRA, currently showing signs of fatigue. If this stock rebounds upwards crossing 870, BUY entry point of 880 and stop loss of 770. Due to the big stop loss level, an entry position with lower investment amount is considered.

3. ANTM, unless their coporate action has something positive, this stock is now heading for Turtle breaking downwards. Turtle Short Sell breakout point is 900. Kindly be reminded that the authority in Indonesia forbids naked short selling. This short sell service is available thru CFD only.

4. Other Turtle Breakout downward stocks alert include INCO and GGRM. You may wish to note that many stocks have already have the Turtle Breakout downwards last week, they are PNBN, SMGR, BNBR, INDF, UNSP, BLTA, LSIP, AALI, MEDC.

Other stocks for consideration.

1) BUMI, Turtle breakdown on Monday, 6th October to close at 2,175 despite acquisition activity. It has been suspended since. This stock cannot be ignored due to strong interest. Should a rebound is imminent, breaking the price level of 4,175 would give stock a good run up.

2) TRUB, closed at 113. There are signs of heavy accumulation. A breakout of 184 would be a good entry. As this is an early breakout. Trade with extreme caution.

My Disclaimer.
Caveat Emptor. Trade at your own risk. Please refer to my Disclaimer Clause.
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PostSubject: Re: 12th October, Sunday Stock Picks   Tue Oct 14, 2008 7:48 am

Good morning Guys

Last night and yesterday regional markets roar ahead. Wall Street close 936pts higher or a stunning 11%.

This is would give IDX a boost. Nikkei at this time of posting is up 940pts or 10.2%!!!

Yesterday, playbook from the Stock Picks would have

1. filled you with UNVR at 7,300 to close at 7,500.
2. Fatigue of MIRA continues. Sapi is tired.
3. ANTM still hanging on for a breakdown to happen
4. INCO still hanging on too. GGRM gap down and filled you but unfortunately, it rebound back.
5. BUMI is still suspended
6. TRUB is to be watched today or in the next few days.

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PostSubject: Re: 12th October, Sunday Stock Picks   Wed Oct 15, 2008 9:01 pm

Hi Guys

This week in your playbook based on the Stock Picks, you should still have UNVR still in-the-money.

Many stocks are still in weakness. APEX's candle is resting on the 50ma level. Watch for rebound. For conservative player, rebound level of 2350 with higher volume than the daily average of 3million shares would be a stable entry.

For short CFD sellers, you may want to keep a lookout at these.

1. ANTM, is currently at the 20ma resistance level. On return weakness, a short position can be taken.
2. AALI, turtle breakout formation in the making. Wait for breakout
3. INCO. same as AALI situation. wait for clearer brakout signal
4. LSIP, same as AALI situation

Good luck and Happy Trading. Disclaimer applies.
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PostSubject: Re: 12th October, Sunday Stock Picks   

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12th October, Sunday Stock Picks
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