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 20th October, Stocks Pick for this week

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PostSubject: 20th October, Stocks Pick for this week   Mon Oct 20, 2008 8:58 pm

Dear Traders,

Today has been a positive day for JSX. With the advance of 2%, moving forward, the mood is cautious and volatility is seen in may stocks. Playbook as follows:

1. UNVR opens at 7500 and came down to 7300 to test the ma20 support to rebound in quick time to close at 7800 up 150. If you have not got in yet. This a rebound play for you tomorrow.

2. MIRA started of at the support level of ma200 to close above the level at 690 up 40. A good buy entry on further strength tomorrow.

3. ANTM although closed1240 , up 80, the whole candlestick has gone below the ma20 resistance. On further weakening tomorrow or day after, it can become a shorting target on CFD.

4. Bakrie Plantations harga terendah. drops 10% on opening. FYI, this stock is available for CFD shorting.

5. APEX has not rebounded to a level for a buy recommendation.

When is BUMI going to be opened? Market without BUMI is not so exciting ya.

Good luck.
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PostSubject: Re: 20th October, Stocks Pick for this week   Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:48 pm

Today is another panic day. With recession biting in and further redemption from hedge funds, the market has another big sell down.
JSX Composite down 92.34pts to closed at 1,244.86pts.

Last week, I posted these recommendation on the 15th October (Wednesday).

"For short sellers (I know many of you are not ready for shorting yet, you may want to practice using paper short till you are more ready or see money in it to then use CFD to short sell)

1. ANTM, face MA resistance and came down to close at 1260, -40. Opening at 1170
2. AALI, close at 8400, down 900 (minus 9.47%), getting close to Turtle breakout target
3. INCO, close 2050, down 200, sitting on Turtle breakout target
4. LSIP, close 2350, down 125, same as AALI, getting close to target."

Today's closing numbers
1. ANTM, 940 (as in this week playbook)
2 AALI, 5650 (in-the money)
3. INCO, 1270 (in-the-money)
4. LSIP, 1650 (in-the-money)

This Monday, my playbook for you is like this:

1. UNVR, no rebound for long play
2. MIRA, closed at 700, still well supported the ma200 level
3. ANTM, (in-the-money)
4. UNSP, Bakrie Sumatra Plantations, 270 (in-the-money)

Kindly note that ALL Short Sellings are with City Index CFDs. I am sure if you were to tabled up the recommendations from my playbook since last week, you would have made much money. My consistency in stocks selection has been displayed since January 2008 when I started my first presentation in Hotel Manhattan.

In order to be of better assistance to all traders to make more money during such times, I will be starting a "TRADE WITH ME" programme. In this programme, I will be trading together with you (real trades, putting in my personal trades). I will be buying and selling together with you. I will tell what and when to buy/sell. I make, you make, I lose, you lose too. Those who are interested in this programme are invited to join me. Details will be announced in the next PowerTraders Meeting on the 1st November 2008 (Saturday). See details in Events Calender Section.

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PostSubject: Re: 20th October, Stocks Pick for this week   Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:38 pm

Hi Traders

For those postion traders who have shorted since last week, you should be already in-the-money for most of the stocks by now. Time to get ready to take profit.

Moving forward for next week, a decline may continue due to the weak DJ closing on Friday to be followed swiftly by a strong rebound soon. On sign of rebound, short sellers are encourage to take profits. For those who are waiting patiently to get in their long positions may get in on Intraday Swing and Day trades rebound strategies. Profit needs to taken and sell into strength.

Position traders may not want to get in yet as the rebound may be short-lived. These position traders may want to position themselves to get into shorting the market after a strong rebound followed by sign of weakness in sight. Many ordinary traders when witnessing a strong rebound and may think that the worst is over. This shall be a big mistake. Position traders have to very vigilance to track the rebound uptrend and take advantage of the reversal to downtrend for shorting opportunities.

Let me explain what are Intraday, Day and Position Traders.

Intraday traders closed their closed before each trading days. These swing traders rarely carries their trades overnight. With wild volatility, it would be enjoyed by these swing traders. They are in the best position to trade in both directions.

Day traders make their trades and closed their trades between 1 to 5days.

Position traders are trend traders, be uptrend or downtrend. They take profits based on their profit targets or reversal signal.

On the whole the market is going to be highly volatile. An exciting week ahead.

Good luck.
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PostSubject: Re: 20th October, Stocks Pick for this week   

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20th October, Stocks Pick for this week
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