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 15th Nov 2008 (Sat), 2 events - PowerTraders Group Meeting and CFD Course

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PostSubject: 15th Nov 2008 (Sat), 2 events - PowerTraders Group Meeting and CFD Course   Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:05 pm

Morning Topic : Stocks Talk, Saham Membicara 10am to 12pm

How to make money from the stock market at this time. Many are losing money and your money has gone to those who knows how to trade correctly. This is the time where savvy traders make quick and good money. Come to discuss about the market and find out how to be profitable. This is ZERO-SUM Game. Someone lose, some-else gain. You better be gainning or you will lose.

Date : 15th November 2008, Saturday
Time : Morning Session 10am to 12pm
Location : Hotel Ciputra, Glory 1, Level 6
Rate : FREE-of-Charge, Opens to Everyone.

On this event, we will also be talking about our new service called "Trade with ME".. In this new service offer, I will be trading the market together with you. Which means that I will be telling what stocks to buy and to sell at the same time with me. It also means that when I make, you make. I lose, you also will lose. Who makes more or lose more? It depends on how much your trading capital is. I will be trading using City Index and you are advise to do so with the same broker as me. Of course, you can choose to continue to use your same broker as you have always been using. Please note that in my trading style, I do not watch the market the whole day. All trades are planned in the night for IDX and late morning for US, ie, before trading hours. Therefore, a powerful on-line trading platform is crucial. Otherwise, if your brokers platform is not good enough, you will have to watch the market yourself. Please note that we will be trading long and short.

Afternoon Session
1.30pm to 4.30pm - CFD Trading (the course fee is Rp350,000, materials provided)

This 3hour session will cover the works of trading with CFDs for US and IDX markets. As in CFDs, you can long or short sell stocks CFD for IDX stocks too. In Shorting stocks CFD, we have NO time limit to cover our shorts position. Do register and come to learn how to trade with CFDs. Those who took this course recently has found this CFD trading to be alot easier to trade then Options for US.
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15th Nov 2008 (Sat), 2 events - PowerTraders Group Meeting and CFD Course
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