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 Training and skill up gradation for creating structures of high quality

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PostSubject: Training and skill up gradation for creating structures of high quality    Sat Jun 18, 2011 4:59 pm

Workshops, seminars, training courses and conferences are organized frequently to train people associated with the real estate sector to upgrade their skills.  However, most such programmes do not get the attention of the people associated with this sector.  To reverse this trend it may take up much time.
In Kochi Apartments built by highly trained and experienced professionals is of high quality and never deviated from the prescribed standards set by the professional bodies.  However, the interesting aspect with respect to building design and construction is that in this information age, what was relevant yesterday is irrelevant today.
Technology and research methodologies are changing by the hour and thus newer design patterns are emerging.  Coupled with that is the proliferation of building construction materials that are of high quality and more durability.  Due to the stiff competition between the various manufacturers of building construction materials, new products are emerging and the proper use of such materials is now a ticklish issue for construction workers who have been in this field for decades.
Thus, a construction worker must be given training in the proper use of the modern building construction materials and he must unlearn the old concepts and skills that are outdated in modern times.  Training schools that impart better skills and innovative methodologies are the need of the hour all over the country.
Companies like the Asian Paints and the Burger Paints have already set up Paint schools to impart training on the proper use of the different types of paints.  Workers trained in such schools created designs that attracted customers and developed a royal clientele for the various products of the company.  A step in this direction will be better for almost all the major companies manufacturing building construction materials.
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Training and skill up gradation for creating structures of high quality
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