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PostSubject: Trade With Me Members Forum   Trade With Me Members Forum Icon_minitimeWed Nov 05, 2008 10:16 pm

Dear Members

First of all, let me describe what is Trade With Me Programme?

The stock market goes up and it goes down. They key is to
1. capitalise on these movements to make money in both directions
2. make consistent monthly income and
3. in the shortest possible time

The above are to be achieved given the constraints of :

1. the lowest capital needed
2. the minimal risk taken and
3. with the minimal time vested to trade the market

Many traders have spent considerable amount of time to understand and to trade the stock market. The more diligent traders have taken courses to improve their trading skills to become better traders. Success in trading requires time and experience. Experience comes from making mistakes and that makes their journey expensive. Thus, I invite you to Trade Together With Me. In this programme, you will do exactly the same entry and exit as me. When I make money, you make too. However, when I lose, you lose too. You will be given the stock with the precise PRICE to BUY or SELL. You are required to do what I do. To ensure that you have similar results as me, you are required to open the an on-line trading account similar to mine.

WARNING : Trading can cause you to lose all your money.

My Guarantee:
1. every week, you get 1 to 3 trades unless the market is closed
2. every month, I will do a profit and loss based on the recommended stocks traded, should it be a loss, you will be given another month of Trade With Me free-of-charge
3. your monetary returns will depends on the amount of money or capital allocated.

All trades will be posted under the Trade With Me forum. This part of the forum is only visible to members who have subscribed for this service. Further instructions on how to follow and do your trades is in the Trade With Me Member's forum.

The Joining Fee is Rp1juta and the monthly fee is Rp2juta per market. Currently IDX market is offered. Any trades available will be posted by 10pm before the trading day.

Members are required to make payment before your expiry of your monthly subscription. No reminders will be sent. In the event, that you missed your payment, the system is date de-activated automatically and you will not be able to see the Trade Wth Me Member's section.

The account for you to make transfer is as follows:

Account Name : KARNOTO SH
BCA Account : 653 008 426 2

After your transfer, kindly send your PM message to Admin for our necessary action.
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