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 FXCOMPARISON - Performance speaks

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PostSubject: FXCOMPARISON - Performance speaks   FXCOMPARISON - Performance speaks Icon_minitimeWed Dec 03, 2008 8:44 pm

Performance speaks louder than words

Dear Trader

FXCOMPARISON provides new service to it’s members by creating the list of the best money managers for our members to

choose from for their investment

[color:a15e="sienna"][SIZE="3"]Our performance[/SIZE]

Money Managers / Trader fxcomparison
Experience : 6 years
Trading Platform : MetaTrader 4
Minimum investement $10,000
30% Management fee
Commissions: None
Money Manager Contact information
Name : Trader 1
Email :
Experience : 6 years
Trading Platform : MetaTrader 4
Minimum investement $10,000
Incentive Fee : 30%
Management fee : none
Commissions: none
Risk : 10 %

[SIZE="3"][color:a15e="Sienna"]Our performance[/SIZE]

4-2008 2+%

5-2008 42+%

6-2008 27+%

7-2008 20+%

8-2008 4 -%

9-2008 13+%

10-2008 9+%

11-2008 soon

More info how open account http


Fees The only fees you pay are performance fees on net profits. These are charged monthly or upon exit from your managed


[SIZE="3"][color:a15e="sienna"]Performance fees: [/SIZE]

Incentive Fee : 30%
Management fee : None
Commissions: None
Minimum investement $10,000

for more information about our managed fund please email us at - [email][/email]

Apply for your account here - [URL=""]

[color:a15e="Sienna"]Open a Real account

Have a Question ? Need Assistance?
Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions

[SIZE="3"][color:a15e="Olive"]Live chat [/SIZE]

[URL=""]FXCOMPARISON - Performance speaks Live-chat[/URL]

[SIZE="4"][color:a15e="DimGray"]FX[color:a15e="YellowGreen"]COMPARISON [color:a15e="DimGray"]Team[/SIZE]
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FXCOMPARISON - Performance speaks
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